Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Edition

I figured since it is the season of giving I would give my readers a big gift. In my mind what better gift than a man-sized offensive guard. Think, an offensive lineman is the greatest gift for a quarterback because he will protect him and keep defenders away. Secondly, a running back is always appreciative of a big man up front that can move the pile and open up holes in the middle.

Justin Floyd out of Cartersville, GA definitely fits the bill. Standing at 6'5 255 lbs. this long armed junior has a great motor and seems to love malling little guys up front. I think the experience of playing against smaller quicker competition has actually benefited Justin. On film you can tell his agility and quick feet are his strong suit. He also has the leverage to pave a way for running backs. Justin does a great job of pulling and making plays on the perimeter as well. Because Justin plays in such a run orientated offense he will have to really improve on his pass blocking. But at the guard position the learning curve isn't quite as extreme. So once this 2011 kid improves those portions of his game I see him being ranked as one of the top guards in the Southeast and the top guard in Georgia.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Much Anticipated Signing

So many kids take signing and make it into a big thing. They do it on television, in front of reports, and so on. In my mind it is a big thing. These kids have put time and energy into their craft and have made the grades to have the opportunity to have college paid for. That in itself is an immense accomplishment, one that they should be proud of and something that should be celebrated.

This was the very much the case for Hutson Mason, a kid I profiled mid season. Mason, who is the record setting quarterback out of Lassiter high school, actually announced his decision on his reality show "The Ride." Hutson set the Georgia High School record for 4,560 passing yards and 54 touchdown passes. The record was one that did not go unheard. Mason, a kid who had zero division I scholarships at the beginning of the season and a three star rating, ended up with 9 offers the biggest coming from UGA who he committed with.

The biggest thing I saw in Hutson's game was his ability to make quick decision and make them accurately. In my mind any player that puts up those kinds of numbers is deserving of some looks. I have also seen Hutson at camps that showed he is not just a system quarterback. He can drop back from under center and complete the same kinds of throws. I believe he will be a very good quarterback. We will just see if it is the right fit for him behind two freshman quarterbacks.....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Packaged Deal

So often during recruiting visits and what not you hear players saying they would like to go to the same school as their friends or teammates. The idea is a novel one but not always an easily done thing. Many times a team may want one player, but not the other. Or they may only have enough scholarships for one player. Or the fact that both players may not agree on the choice of schools that they do receive the same offers from.

Well in the case of Benjamin and Javares McRoy they really will be attending the same school, Texas Tech. The Lakeland high school teammates and brothers made the decision and seem to be sticking to it. Ben is a senior and in my mind is very underrated. Javares is junior who has steadily seen his stock rise. What I see in Ben is a tough smart athlete who has been playing running back, but like Golden Tate when he makes the jump will move to wide receiver. He has nice hands coming out of the backfield and definitely has a knack for making guys miss and getting the extra yard.

When it comes to Javares he is the game breaker. He has speed to burn along with his elusive change of direction that makes Javares a nightmare in the open field. I see Javares having the biggest impact between the brother duo. He has the ability to make plays in the return game which will allow him to see time early on in his career. I see the brothers both having a very productive career ahead of them.

Check out their duel video to see what you think of the tandem.......

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One thing that I have been asked about of late is what exactly is a Junior College and what benefit does it serve. Well when I look at it I tend to think its like red shirting a player and allowing them to develop mentally and physically before their services are needed. The only difference is after going to a JUCO for 2 years a player only has 2 years of eligibility left, but they can start right away. This is a little different than the transferring from one school to another where usually you have to sit out a year unless you go from Division I to a lower classification.

Well as signing day nears some of the countries best incoming freshman will be JUCO transfers. One of those is former Florida Gators quarterback Cameron Newton. Now it isn't often you find talent like this, with experience in high level competition coming out of JUCOs. Usually you have kids who were under-recurrited, didn't have the grades, or just ran into some off the field issues. But Cameron Newton fits none of those profiles. Cameron is a 6'6 245lbs. man. He combines a cannon of an arm with the ability to run like Donovan McNabb. He has the types of tools that coaches drool over. I mean he can launch the ball 60 yards on the fly, but has also improved his short game with throws that have touch. If all receivers are covered, Newton has the quick feet and speed to get into the secondary. And once he gets to the secondary good luck bringing that mammoth of a man down.

Cameron is getting a second chance with a big time program do not be surprised if this Georgia native signs with his former offensive coordinator who is the head coach at Mississippi State. The spread offense caters to Cameron's skill set. If you don't agree check out his high school film that is bound to wow scouts all the same.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to take a second to remind all my readers that I have not abandoned my blog for one second. I am just battling my way through Finals. I am still trying to stay abreast of all the signings as well as recruits who have squeezed through the cracks. I will be back on my daily output once I am done with classes and back in the Great State of Georgia. And when I do we will be that much closer to the highly anticipated National Signing day. I am predicting some fireworks because of coach hiring and firings as well as some programs under heat......

Remember to keep commenting and following my blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slipping Through The Cracks

Finding talent is not a science. Kids get overlooked or under-publicized. Coaches don't actively promote players. It is a whole host of things that make recruiting talent a difficult thing and not an art form. Needless to say I love when kids who are two or three star players show a world of talent on film. I think I have found another kid who does just this.

Dean Haynes is a do it all player out of Turner Hill, GA. The 6'0 180lbs. two athlete does whatever his team needs, and does it quite well. When it comes to offense, Dean shows great play making ability from the quarterback position. A great instinctual athlete, Dean knows when to run and when he does he always makes the first defender miss and runs with authority and power. As a defender Dean is a big strong kid who makes plays on the ball, and always puts himself in good positions. He has great leaping ability and can really jam receivers at the line of scrimmage. Dean is also a strong and sure tackler in run support.

When I look to project Dean I see him as defense of player and possibly a speciality player (situational wildcat quarterback). If Dean does not work out at corner he has the physical tools and speed to make an impact at the safety position. Regardless, NC State definitely got a gifted player in Dean Haynes.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Men Can Rule the Court

In a sport that puts a premium on size it is always nice when a small guy goes against the grain and holds his own amongst the trees. That has never been more true than with Andre Stringer. The speedy little jitter bug point guard out of Jackson, Mississippi brings more to the table the most point guards who do not clear 6'0. The 5'9 17o lbs. Stringer is most know for his range and ability to light it up all over the court. I wasn't sure how great this ability was until I watched a clip of him hitting shots all over the court.

The biggest thing about Andre's shooting ability is the fact that his stroke is so effortless. The clip below shows him shooting jump shots from half court. This is a indication to his strong upper body that will help him adjust to the more physical college level. Stringer has also done a better job of getting his teammates involved and actually running the team. Honestly if Stringer was 6'0 he would probably be a Top 5 player based on his ability to score the ball ANYWHERE on the court.

Check out this Jackson native and let me know if you would want him on your squad........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Change of Venue....?

Coaches are hitting their stride right now whether its making phone calls or in house visits as signing day nears. This will be the big push that schools will take time in order to remind players that they are important. This is also the time in which some players get cold feet or new suitors. So it is no surprise when top talent that has verbally committed to school flirts with the idea of other schools.

Telvin Smith is very much in this boat. The Florida State commit is a highly rated linebacker from Lowndes High School in Valdosta, GA. Cutting on a game of Telvin Smith against the top talent in the state and its clear why he is getting so much attention. Telvin is is probably one of the fastest linebackers in the country. Standing at 6'4 205 lbs. its clear that his frame has the ability to put on some good weight in college. The thing about Telvin is he uses his speed so well, that coupled with great instincts allows him to make plays all over the field. The other thing that Telvin does well is play well in space and makes sure tackles in the open field. Telvin does need to improve his pass defense since he has been playing a hybrid defensive end/linebacker position. But regardless this kid is truly special. I expect him to take advantage of other schools courting him, and with the coaching changes at FSU its a possibility he could end up with the home town Bulldogs.

Check out Telvin's film and see what you think. Don't forget to comment and follow.......

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Young Gun

I am always amazed how good players are overlooked for various reason. I have seen players passed up because of size, grades, position, an a host of other reason. Regardless of the reason I love seeing schools find these gems. That was apparent in a college game I watched this weekend, the running back from Pittsburgh, Dion Lewis.

Well down in Woodstock, GA I think I may have found one of those surprise finds. Quarterback James Harris may not look the part standing at only 6'2 205 lbs., but watching him on film I see loads of talent. Watching Harris I am reminded of Colt McCoy a lot. Harris has decent speed and since he plays in an offense that utilizes the option its clear that he can pull the ball down and run for big gains. The most polished part of his game is his accuracy in the passing game. Not only is he accurate, but he throws it on a rope all over the field. Being an accomplished baseball player shows with his strong arm, and an ability to throw on the run. I think with some more looks this kid can real wow some head coaches with his ability.......

Check out his film and see what you think.

To All My Readers

Hey guys,

I would just like to let everyone know that I have and will be sending out more sporadic updates over the next week and a half. The reason for these sporadic updates is I am currently going through Finals trying to finish up my undergraduate degree. So of course my load is a little heavy right now, but I will continue to update when I can and once I am done I will once again be on a daily update giving you the best seen and unseen in the Southeast....

-From the man who started Making the Jump to the Next Level

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tall Order

There are some things that you just cannot teach in sports. Speed is the one that is often pointed out in football. I would like to mention another one.....Size. When it comes to the receiver position size makes it so difficult to defend.

As I look around for good players I came across a kid that has size that is often found on the basketball court. Chris Boyd a receiver out of Roswell high school in Roswell, GA is an impossible match up on the high school level. Chris stands at 6'5 185 lbs. The average corner in college is around 5'9 to 5'10 and just having Chris on the field is a distinct advantage. His school has down a decent job of just throwing the ball up around the goal line an having Chris go up and make a play on the ball. Think about it give him three shots at a jump ball against small defenders.

Now Chris is just not a jump ball threat he has really nice hands and catches the ball away from his body well. He definitely needs to get in the weight room and had size strength and size. He has the ability to shield defenders once he begins to understand how to use his body more effectively. He has accepted an offer from Vandy, and if he continues to progress I see him having the potential to develop into a Tori Gurley (South Carolina Gamecocks) type receiver.