Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recruiting Trail Picking Up

The summer is when kids going into their Senior year really stand out. Camps, combines, and film evaluation are what really helps to get kids noticed. The elite kids get noticed often on athletic abilities alone.

Quarterback Martay Mattox is gonna be the next big thing out of Athens, GA. This supreme athlete blends a strong arm with the ability to move and get anywhere on the field. He is one of the best athletes at the quarterback in high school right now.

Martay has a great knack for evading defenders and with the flick of the wrist can launch the ball to just about any part of the field. He currently is not heavily recruited but does have some D-1 offers. Martay needs to improves his mechanics and field awareness, but after that the sky really is the limit. Depending on his development he could change positions, most likely receiver.

Check out this video of Martay an let me know what you think......

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Big Fish in a Big Pond

So often you hear of kids transferring from one school to another for more exposure or a better program. The bad thing is it does not always work out that well. Kids struggle to make the adjustments from a smaller program to the demands of a higher more competitive one. It is almost like going from high school to college in some cases.

One player that I feel will have a smooth transition is Kadetrix Marcus (known as JJ). This 6'0 185 lb. safety has size an range as a deep hole safety. JJ does not appear to be the most physical safety but moving from Hillgrove high school to Stephenson will force him to become stronger and more of a hitter seeing as though Stephenson plays more run oriented teams.

The biggest plus with JJ's game is he is a ball hawking safety that always seems to be at the right spot on the field. JJ has a great football IQ and gets his players lined up well. JJ also reads plays well and anticipates which allows him to always be around the ball.

Ball skills, strength, and overall footwork are the areas that this upcoming senior needs to improve on in order to get more attention than he already has. I look forward to seeing him in an SEC school check out his video an see what you think....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I think it is amazing how certain programs continue to produce top talent whether they win or lose to some degree. I think a perfect example is the University of Georgia. You know, no matter what the record is kids know that UGA puts top talent in the NFL. That coupled with a proven leader, Mark Richt, that people just seem to bond with is a combination that breeds success.

This year will be no different and that can be explained in one recruit......Christian LeMay. The 6'2 200lb. QB out of Matthews, North Carolina is arguably one of the best players in the country. As I pick through his film and really dissect his game I am reminded of a recent recruit in Aaron Murray. The similarities are size and athleticism based. LeMay is more athletic and can really extend plays and has really great anticipation. He really seems to work hard at his craft as well, doing a lot of drill work in the off season to get his mechanics an footwork right.

What makes Christian so special is his ability to read plays an anticipate where players should and will be on the field. That is further testimate to his work ethic an knowledge of the playbook.

I see Christian red-shirting a year and really getting into the playbook and eventually starting and having a significant impact. This kid is way too athletic and talented to not be on the field. I see a more athletic Chris Leak.