Monday, May 23, 2011

Cane Classics

There are several programs we watch produce top tier talent year after year, and one such program is the University of Miami, also known as “the U.” The U may well resurrect the old days of playmakers and guys with swagger if they continue to recruit kids like Levonte "Kermit" Whitfield.

The funny thing about this kid is he is a 2013 guy and has already committed to the ‘Canes and he says that there is no other school for him. Levonte’s highlight tape shows a 5'10” 165 lb. slot receiver who has everything that the big school is offering. Levonte is a star player waiting get his break. I have not seen someone as shifty and in control of his body since Noel Devine. He is a proven playmaker who looks to score whenever he touches the ball and who has the skills to play any position on the field. Coaches will find Levonte appealing because his return ability on special teams will enable him to have an instant impact as a freshman.
As a slot receiver, Levonte will need a lot of screens and other short routes which will allow him to get the ball in his hands and make plays. Levonte also has the ability to run a lot of intermediate routes across the middle.

Overall, Levonte is a great player who will help to electrify the Miami crowd and continue to encourage big play individuals to bring their talents to the University of Miami in future recruiting seasons.

Check this short highlight out of #3 and let me know what you think.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Next Best Thing

College football has come such a long way, from the days of dynasties to the days of short coaching stints; the money that has been earned in the last decade is almost unimaginable. With that being said coaches are under extreme pressure to find the next best player. The interesting thing is this has a direct impact on the players. Long gone are the days where coaches continue the red carpet treatment following a recruitment. As soon as a kid is signed coaches are looking to replace him.

One of the biggest recruiting gets this past year was UGA signing Isaiah Crowell. And now UGA is looking to bolster its next recruiting class with more impact players. One of those players is Keyante Green, a running back out of McDonough, GA. The 5'8 185 lbs. running back is impressive to say the least. When you pop in the tape one of the first things I think is that he plays much bigger than his stature. Although he has a more upright running style he gets away with it because of superior vision and a nice one-cut and go mentality. One of the biggest things I like about Keyante's game is the fact that he plays defense and brings that mentality to the running game very rarely shying away from contact. Keyante's top in speed is not quite elite, but he rarely gets caught from behind.

Something about Keyante's running style and overall game reminds me a lot of the NFL's all time leading return man Brian Mitchell. Keyante has great returning ability and uses superior vision and simple quick cuts to avoid players and when necessary uses great balance and low pad level to break away and often punish would be tacklers. As the year continues I foresee this impact player getting more offers then the 3 he currently has. If he does not I guarantee him being a huge steal on signing day. Check out his video below and see what you think.