Monday, June 7, 2010


As a recruit I would look at one big factor when deciding on a school to attend. What kind of system does the school run and does it compliment my talents. An example would be if I am a solid tackling machine as a linebacker I would go to Linebacker U, Penn State. If I was a speedy defensive end I would think about going to Florida State or Miami. If I was a big time Quarterback I would go to a school like USC.

When it comes to speedy running backs it looks like Clemson might be the new running back U. And the next one to follow behind CJ Spiller's foot steps is a young man by the name of Mike Bellamy. Mike is listed at 5'10 178 lbs and is from Punta Gorda, FL. The thing that sets Mike apart is his pure speed an ability to run away from any an everybody on the field. With 10.5 speed in the 100 meters, it is clear why some consider Mike the best running back in the state of Florida.

The improvements that Mike needs to make have to do with his work in the weight room and ball security. He already has tremendous vision an burst through the whole. Being such a fast an quick runner he needs to also improve on his patients. Setting up his blocks and using his lateral quickness will really elevate his game on the college level.

I think Bellamy would be able to contribute early on special teams, but I would red-shirt him until he gains more college ability in the weight room. Once that happens the sky is the limit for Mike. He can catch the ball very well out of the back field as well. Check out his clips an see what you think..... Don't forget to comment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Lot Of Potential

Every year there is a player or two that really stands out and greatness is expected of him. In my mind there is a clear winner on defense this year, Kent Turene. Kent is an inside linebacker from Lauderdale, FL, the 6'3 230 lb. tackling machine has more than just potential. Potential is what sets Kent apart from the rest of the pack.

When you put on the game film of Kent you see a very aggressive linebacker who has a nose for the ball. His initial quickness an burst through ball carriers is something that coaches cannot teach. Kent has the quickness to play outside linebacker and the frame to patrol the middle like a former Crimson Tide alum Rolando McClain.

Kent does needs to improve in pass coverage and his ball skills, but this heavily recruited kid has all the tools necessary to play an play soon at a big time school. Given the right coaching an opportunities the sky is really the limit for this big time recruit. Check out this video an see what you think......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recruiting Trail Picking Up

The summer is when kids going into their Senior year really stand out. Camps, combines, and film evaluation are what really helps to get kids noticed. The elite kids get noticed often on athletic abilities alone.

Quarterback Martay Mattox is gonna be the next big thing out of Athens, GA. This supreme athlete blends a strong arm with the ability to move and get anywhere on the field. He is one of the best athletes at the quarterback in high school right now.

Martay has a great knack for evading defenders and with the flick of the wrist can launch the ball to just about any part of the field. He currently is not heavily recruited but does have some D-1 offers. Martay needs to improves his mechanics and field awareness, but after that the sky really is the limit. Depending on his development he could change positions, most likely receiver.

Check out this video of Martay an let me know what you think......

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Big Fish in a Big Pond

So often you hear of kids transferring from one school to another for more exposure or a better program. The bad thing is it does not always work out that well. Kids struggle to make the adjustments from a smaller program to the demands of a higher more competitive one. It is almost like going from high school to college in some cases.

One player that I feel will have a smooth transition is Kadetrix Marcus (known as JJ). This 6'0 185 lb. safety has size an range as a deep hole safety. JJ does not appear to be the most physical safety but moving from Hillgrove high school to Stephenson will force him to become stronger and more of a hitter seeing as though Stephenson plays more run oriented teams.

The biggest plus with JJ's game is he is a ball hawking safety that always seems to be at the right spot on the field. JJ has a great football IQ and gets his players lined up well. JJ also reads plays well and anticipates which allows him to always be around the ball.

Ball skills, strength, and overall footwork are the areas that this upcoming senior needs to improve on in order to get more attention than he already has. I look forward to seeing him in an SEC school check out his video an see what you think....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I think it is amazing how certain programs continue to produce top talent whether they win or lose to some degree. I think a perfect example is the University of Georgia. You know, no matter what the record is kids know that UGA puts top talent in the NFL. That coupled with a proven leader, Mark Richt, that people just seem to bond with is a combination that breeds success.

This year will be no different and that can be explained in one recruit......Christian LeMay. The 6'2 200lb. QB out of Matthews, North Carolina is arguably one of the best players in the country. As I pick through his film and really dissect his game I am reminded of a recent recruit in Aaron Murray. The similarities are size and athleticism based. LeMay is more athletic and can really extend plays and has really great anticipation. He really seems to work hard at his craft as well, doing a lot of drill work in the off season to get his mechanics an footwork right.

What makes Christian so special is his ability to read plays an anticipate where players should and will be on the field. That is further testimate to his work ethic an knowledge of the playbook.

I see Christian red-shirting a year and really getting into the playbook and eventually starting and having a significant impact. This kid is way too athletic and talented to not be on the field. I see a more athletic Chris Leak.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Little Outisde the Region

As most of my readers know I do not venture outside of the Southeast very often for players. When I do I feel as though I have a purpose behind it. The one reason I am today is because I really agree with one of Georgia Tech's newest recruits.

Much like the other hometown team GT will be changing to the 3-4 defense. Because of the change recruiting changes slightly. The type of players that fit in a traditional 4-3 do not fit exactly in a 3-4. Well in order to improve GT went out an got a heck of an athlete out of Washington D.C. in Jeremiah Attaochu. Now Jeremiah is not as highly recruited as other recent signees, but the talent and potential for this young man is immense.

Jeremiah stands at 6'3 225lbs. I see this monster of an athlete playing an outside linebacker position with the ability to rush the passer off the edge. If he continues to add weight he could possibly move to the middle, but I see him possibly making plays like Texas standout Sergio Kindle. Jeremiah has been playing defensive end in high school, but when you watch him run in the open field on special teams and chasing ball carriers it is clear that he has the ability to play with his hand off the ground. His lateral speed is extremely good, and with the teaching of an experienced coach like Al Groh (head coach in college and NFL coach as well) the sky is the limit. Of course he will need to adjust to playing upright more often as well as continuing to add bulk and speed. I think a redshirt year would be good unless the scheme dictates which players will be needed.

Check out this film and see what you think.......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Changing the Scheme

With the constant changes in coaching that have occurred in this, to this point, short off-season there are a few things that will be inevitable. The first is that with new coaches come new schemes an philosophies. Along with a change in those things comes changes in recruiting in order to fit those schemes and philosophies. This current idea is never more evident than at the University of Georgia, where a new defensive coordinator means a new 3-4 defense. The thing is some players fit this scheme, while others will have to adjust.

Well because of the changes UGA will begin to recruit slightly different, especially when it comes to the defensive lineman and linebackers. That being said one player that could end up getting a few more looks because of the changes is Grady Jarrett out of Conyers, GA. The 6'1 275lbs. potential nose tackle fits the 3-4 scheme perfectly. Now Jarrett isn't just a big stump. Grady has tremendous explosion and leverage to defeat blockers at the point of attack. Grady also has an extremely high motor and is constantly running to the ball causing big hits from behind.

Grady must get accustomed to more double teams and learn to absorb and take on the blocks in order to free up the linebackers. The key will be that he must always demand a double team. Grady does have to get used to the position because of playing more as an end in high school. Regardless, this 2011 player could end up being a great find for the new home teams system on defense. Check out his video below and see if you can see him as the future of the 3-4 defense.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

After Effects of A Coaching Shake Up

The theme this college off season has to be coaching carousel. I mean if you look at the top stories across sports, coaching changes between college and the pros have been the main topics. Florida's top man is taking a leave of absents, Tennessee has a mess with Kiffin leaving, and Texas Tech and USF have been hit by unexpected firings. Needless to say the affects off the field directly impact incoming and prospective recruits.

One of the players that I am profiling today has been impacted by the coaching carousel. Kadron Boone, a wide receiver out of Ocala, Florida was once committed to Texas Tech, but is now looking for a new home. The 6'1 200lbs. wide out is one of the more heady recruits when it comes to making good decisions. I mean his talent speaks for itself, but yet he wanted to go somewhere that highlights the passing attack which makes sense.

When you check out Boone on the field I am reminded of Anquan Boldin type of player. Boone has good size with a strong thick frame that makes him tough to bring down. He also has enough wiggle to make players miss and definitely enough speed to run away from would be tacklers. Checking his film out I see a sure fire receiver that will definitely get a chance to play as a true freshman if given the opportunity.

Check out Boone and let me know what you think......

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Amongst All the Commotion

A lot has been going on in the world of college football. Between the coaching changes and players going to the draft there are a few players who have been forgotten about. Players that will have a impact on programs despite not being highly recruited. Players that only a few teams got a glimpse of.

One of those players is Bradley Roby who is a wide receiver out of Suwanee, GA. Bradley is not one of the underrated players in terms of scholarship offers, but he is in terms of stars and position ranking. This wide receiver has a very nice blend of size and speed that makes him a fit for most defenses. What makes Bradley really special is the ways in which he scores. He has scored on defense and special teams along with his offensive ability.

The 6'0 180 lbs. senior has committed to Ohio State and brings within him a play making ability that is needed in the Big Ten. The improvements Bradley needs to make is in the weight room getting bigger and stronger. He posses all the natural ability to play on day 1. I think depending on how long it takes to get acclimated to the play book will be the real determining factor of playing time. I see Bradley possibly moving to the safety position but only time will tell.

Regardless of position, Ohio State is getting an exciting and terrific ball player who could help them out on both sides of the ball including special teams. Check out Bradley's highlights and let me know what you think......

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Change of Heart

As the February signing day period nears things will begin to get more and more hectic. You will have players deciding on choices and coaches scrambling to make last second offers and tough decisions as scholarship numbers dwindle.

In the case of the University of Georgia an one of their 4 star prospects, BJ Butler, it seems that someone had a change of heart. Some sources said that this was the University deciding to drop Butler and others say Butler felt more comfortable with Louisville. Only the two sides know the real truth. BJ Butler is going to be sorely missed on the field, this 6'3 240 lbs. defensive end who played quarterback has quickness and speed that is tough to find on the defensive line. I mean the kid can really run and once he gets a chance in the weight room he will be a terror off the edge.

The big concern with BJ is his issues that had him suspended for his final two high school games. Apparently, he was dismissed because coaches thought he was un-coachable. Some sources say that is why Georgia dropped him. I hope this isn't the case, because in college that is the quickest way out of a scholarship. I mean BJ has all the talent in the world and coupled with great coaching by new head coach Charlie Strong, and a great work ethic the sky is the limit for BJ.

Whether it was the right fit at Georgia or not is irrelevant. It is the nature of the business kids will come and go within programs. BJ has chosen another place to play and now Louisville has a great chance to improve their defense. I hope the best for both schools as well as BJ.

Check out this link to see what you think of BJ's ability on the football field.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010...Bringing A Lot to the Table

It has a been a little hiatus since I last checked in. With the new year and all there is a lot going on in the world of recruiting. I have checked out a few All-Star games and seen the talent on display across the Southeast. The one thing I wanted to check in on was more guys who have either found the perfect fit or been under-recruited.

I found a dynamite player out of College Park, GA. Juwan Thompson, a running back, who stands at 5'11 205 lbs. is really something special. As soon as you pop on the tape of Juwan you see that he is featured in his triple option offense. He plays the full back position, but do not let that fool you. Every time he gets the ball its like he is being shot out of a cannon. The stocky back has speed to burn as well, having been clocked at a sub 4.4. Thing that stands out to me is his ability to make the first two defenders miss then get into the open field and run away from people. The versatility to Juwan's game is his ability to run inside and out. He has great leverage and a low center of gravity that makes it difficult to bring him down.

Watching Juwan on film I am really reminded of Ray Rice former Rutgers running back, and current NFL star for the Baltimore Ravens. Just his size and ability to run through and around players really makes him an excellent find for Duke. The one part of Juwan's game that does need improvement is pass protection and catching the ball out of the backfield. Duke does not run the triple option so it might take some getting used to, but once he gets a little time I know he will become something very special on the collegiate level.

Check out this film an see what you think. Don't forget to comment and let me know what you think of Juwan #23......