Monday, June 7, 2010


As a recruit I would look at one big factor when deciding on a school to attend. What kind of system does the school run and does it compliment my talents. An example would be if I am a solid tackling machine as a linebacker I would go to Linebacker U, Penn State. If I was a speedy defensive end I would think about going to Florida State or Miami. If I was a big time Quarterback I would go to a school like USC.

When it comes to speedy running backs it looks like Clemson might be the new running back U. And the next one to follow behind CJ Spiller's foot steps is a young man by the name of Mike Bellamy. Mike is listed at 5'10 178 lbs and is from Punta Gorda, FL. The thing that sets Mike apart is his pure speed an ability to run away from any an everybody on the field. With 10.5 speed in the 100 meters, it is clear why some consider Mike the best running back in the state of Florida.

The improvements that Mike needs to make have to do with his work in the weight room and ball security. He already has tremendous vision an burst through the whole. Being such a fast an quick runner he needs to also improve on his patients. Setting up his blocks and using his lateral quickness will really elevate his game on the college level.

I think Bellamy would be able to contribute early on special teams, but I would red-shirt him until he gains more college ability in the weight room. Once that happens the sky is the limit for Mike. He can catch the ball very well out of the back field as well. Check out his clips an see what you think..... Don't forget to comment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Lot Of Potential

Every year there is a player or two that really stands out and greatness is expected of him. In my mind there is a clear winner on defense this year, Kent Turene. Kent is an inside linebacker from Lauderdale, FL, the 6'3 230 lb. tackling machine has more than just potential. Potential is what sets Kent apart from the rest of the pack.

When you put on the game film of Kent you see a very aggressive linebacker who has a nose for the ball. His initial quickness an burst through ball carriers is something that coaches cannot teach. Kent has the quickness to play outside linebacker and the frame to patrol the middle like a former Crimson Tide alum Rolando McClain.

Kent does needs to improve in pass coverage and his ball skills, but this heavily recruited kid has all the tools necessary to play an play soon at a big time school. Given the right coaching an opportunities the sky is really the limit for this big time recruit. Check out this video an see what you think......