Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When did the Word Athlete Become Negative.....

In my opinion the term athlete is sometimes overused when describing a kids talent coming out of high school. A lot of times schools want to label a prospect an athlete because they feel he might be better suited for a different position than that player may currently be playing at. Well sometimes I feel as though a kid should be given the chance to show what they have at whatever position got them recognition. Ashton Shumpert out of Fulton, Mississippi is the perfect example of my premise. The 6'2 205lbs athlete has been playing and staring at running back most of his life. I am sure many coaches are thinking that he could grown into an inside linebacker or depending on how his speed develops an outside linebacker or an in the box safety. Now I believe after reviewing Ashton's film that he too does have this ability to convert to another position, but I feel that what I have seen at the running back position is quite impressive. When I popped the film in of Ashton what stood out to me the most was his very impressive foot work. I mean Ashton has the ability to make two cuts back to back and barely slow down. Ashton's ability to change directions or give quick movements in the hole and get back to top speed is very impressive. Ashton is also a very patient and smooth runner. He reminds me a lot of Isaiah Crowell with his ability to read his blockers and hug them up until he sees an opening and breaking it. Also the fact that Ashton is a stocky 6'2 205lbs he has the ability to wear on a defense for four quarters. I know that with the right offensive system Ashton Shumpert could be very successful on the collegiate level. I see Ashton fitting in a I-formation offense or even single back that has pro style running plays. I think if you check out his video others may come to the same conclusion as I have. Ashton Shumpert is more than an just an Athlete.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Family Affair

As I get back to providing updates for teams and recruits across the Southeast I will touch on a programs recent hot streak of recruitment's. The University of Georgia is off to a blistering pace already having 19 commitments currently. Because of dismissals and transfers the Bulldogs have the potential to sign as many as 30 kids this year. One of the most recent commitments was four star recruit Uriah LeMay. Uriah, a 6'1 180 lbs. wide reciever out of North Carolina found more than just a program that could showcase his talents. The University of Georgia is home to his older brother back-up quarterback, Christian LeMay. Uriah in my opinion will have a quicker impact on the program than even his red-shirt sophomore brother. This uber-talented hybrid receiver will cause a lot of mismatches against teams across the Southeast. Uriah's thick lower body and aggressive running style he will cause fits for defenders trying to make the tackle after the catch. The biggest advantage that Uriah has is his ability to play all over the offensive side of the ball. Uriah can play the slot position as a bigger receiver, almost like a tight-end flexed out and he can also be motioned into the backfield and run the ball with his strong stature. Uriah's ability to catch the ball away from his body is another strong reason that he could see the field early on. It is no secret that some Georgia receivers in the past have had problems securing the catch. I picture Uriah as a high school version of Terrell Owens. A player who can run the routes in the middle of the field and break it for a deep one or a receiver who can get you a first down when you need it. Uriah is a very good route runner who will only improve as he gets older and more experienced. That coupled with his ability to continue to gain strength and speed will only increase his chances of seeing early playing time come next fall. Check our Uriah's tapes and see if you see the potential of this little brother.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The State of the SEC

To all of my readers I apologize for the dormancy of my blog.  I have gone through a lot of personal transitions and I am currently re-located to OKL.  I am still committed to updating readers out there on the newest and best recruits in the Southeast Region.  I will also begin to update my local readers on some of OKL best talent.

One subject that I wanted to touch on was the State of the SEC.  This off-season has probably been the most entertaining one in quite some time.  The SEC has introduced two new members, Texas A&M and Missouri.  This off-season the SEC has also announced that it will be teaming up with the Big XII to create a New Years Day Bowl game between the two conferences.  That means the best team from each conference will play in these New Years Day bowl game.  If one of those teams will be participating in the National Championship game then the next best team will play.  The SEC and Big XII are basically creating a Southern version of the Rose Bowl.  Now some of you may be wondering what these changes have to do with recruiting?  Well the expansion of the SEC has created a couple of different recruiting changes.  The first one is that the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri as recruiting pipe lines will increase the flow of top tier athletes into SEC programs.  Texas is often considered the 2nd best state behind Florida in producing top talent.  The state of Missouri produced arguably the best player in the nation last year, Dorial Green-Beckham.  Green-Beckham will be attending Missouri this fall.  The addition of these two programs will increase the amount of money within the SEC as well.  The SEC as a whole divides bowl winnings with the entire conference.  Since both Texas A&M and Missouri were bowl winners last year they have the potential to contribute earnings to the SEC seemingly in the future.  More bowl wins means more money for facilities, coaches, and recruiting tools.  All of these factors will further the SEC's dominance.

The creating of an additional bowl game that the SEC and Big XII will seemingly sponsor on their own means additional revenue split between the two conferences.  I am willing to bet that the additional revenue will be substantially higher than when an SEC team goes to a bowl game sponsored by any of the numerous current sponsors.  Besides the money the ability to promise recruits an additional bowl game opportunity, something few conferences can do is a recruiting tool all in its own.  Needless to say the SEC's brand is high right now.  No other conference can lay claim to the number of national championships or NFL producing talent that the SEC has provided in the last 5 years.

This past year has been very good to the SEC.  Alabama won an SEC vs. SEC National Championship match up.  The SEC as a whole won 5 out of 7 bowl games not including the National Championship game.  The SEC dominated the recruiting rankings.  I think needless to say the State of the SEC is definitely on the rise........

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Position Picking

This weekend I was speaking with a female friend of mine and I was laughing at the fact that her younger cousin was receiving scholarship offers for a position he did not currently play in football. She kept thinking that school must have gotten his name mixed up or something because in her mind there was no way he could play a different side of the ball.

The funny thing is coaches always try and project players based on all sorts of things from size, playing ability, to even potential growth changes. A perfect example is an outside linebacker by the name of Josh Harvey-Clemons out of Valdosta, Georgia. The 6'5 210 lbs. outside linebacker is a freak of nature physically. Harvey-Clemons is currently being recruited as a wide receiver by Alabama as well as a few other SEC schools. Although he shows very capable skills at the wideout position I think the true potential comes as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Harvey-Clemons frame is one that would allow him to bulk up 25-35 lbs. on the college level. Besides Harvey-Clemons potential, on film he shows great body positioning to leverage smaller players and the range he brings to the linebacker position is amazing. Harvey-Clemons has the raw talent and ability to play early especially on special teams, but given a year to improve physically I look for Harvey-Clemons to become a dominant force in whatever program he wishes to attend.

I urge anyone to watch Harvey-Clemons film and not see the potential oozing out of this star in the making.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Minute Visits

Well sports fans it is that time of season..... Yes, this is the time that the recruiting trail gets very hot. Players begin to narrow their decisions because of recruiting visits, team records, and even family pressure. So often the way teams end the season have a direct impact especially if recruits are able to witness first hand winning football.

This past weekend Jordan Jenkins a prized recruit out of Harris Count, Georgia may have become a little more intrigued by a particular program. The 6'3 245 lbs outside linebacker took an official visit to UGA for the drubbing they put on Auburn. Jenkins came away very impressed with his visit and apparently may have another legitimate school to pick from besides Alabama and Florida.

What I come way most impressed with when I watch film of Jordan Jenkins is his raw and natural talent. I mean he has a nose for the ball and plays extremely hard. Jordan plays a very aggressive style of ball that any defensive coach would love to have. Jordan does a very good job of maintaining low leverage in order to defeat blockers and has a very quick first step. I think that if a college coach continues to work on his hand work and technique that this young man can quickly make an impact on a college program. I think if Jordan will mature into a outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense and will get a lot of opportunities to get to the quarterback.

Check out Jordan's film and comment on what you think.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahead of the Curve

In today's recruiting climate it is always important for schools to find and sign talent before the word gets out. Schools create great relationships with high school coaches, recruiting companies, and high school visits. Anything that can be used to get a jump on the competition is essential in getting potential prospects in the door and signed. Recruiting quarterbacks is often even more difficult because there are obviously fewer it isn't often that one goes without notice.

That has been the case for Quarterback Brice Ramsey out of Camden County, GA. The 6'3 190 lbs., 2013 has only started three games in his high school career. But because of the internet, camps, and word of mouth Brice has already received 4 division I offers. The recent Georgia Bulldog commit has all the tools to really develop into a solid quarterback. Luckily Brice has time to improve on his body of work and gaining experience is one of the biggest issues.

Brice currently can make all of the throws needed for the next level. Brice possess a great ability to deliver the ball accurately on the run and shows very sound mechanics overall. The zip that he has on all of his passes compensate for his immaturity and slight issue with staring down receivers. He has very good mobility and does a good job with footwork within the pocket to avoid defenders. Brice does need to continue to gain weight in order to deal with the beating that most college quarterbacks have to endure. I look forward to Brice Ramsey not only receiving more offers, but also taking his talents to a prominent college and having an impact on Saturday's in the near future.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Green Effect

Most people may think that when players graduate and go off to the NFL that their involvement with the recruiting process is over. Well that is far from it, often players who becomes stars in the league have a lasting impact. In the case of the University of Georgia players like A.J. Green are not only brought in to speak with incoming players, but their accomplishments and memorable moments are plastered throughout the football complex.

In the case of Georgia I have seen an increase in the amount of top tier wide receiver that have not only attended UGA, but also visit. Josh Abrams may soon be one of those future bulldogs that is a result of the Green effect. Standing at a stout 6'2 205 lbs., Josh is a physically impressive kid who has not been heavily recruited thus far. Despite this you can see from Josh's film that he is a very athletic 205 lbs. with extremely impressive body control. Josh uses this body control to shield defenders making it even more difficult to defend him. Josh also is very skilled in the return game, and uses his lateral quickness and bigger body to ward off defenders.

Although Josh Abrams is not being as heavily recruited as some other players it is clear that he can be an impactful player on the next level. Josh is the type of player that you have to evaluate on the field and not in drills. In the end I know Josh will begin to roll in with bigger offers.