Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When did the Word Athlete Become Negative.....

In my opinion the term athlete is sometimes overused when describing a kids talent coming out of high school. A lot of times schools want to label a prospect an athlete because they feel he might be better suited for a different position than that player may currently be playing at. Well sometimes I feel as though a kid should be given the chance to show what they have at whatever position got them recognition. Ashton Shumpert out of Fulton, Mississippi is the perfect example of my premise. The 6'2 205lbs athlete has been playing and staring at running back most of his life. I am sure many coaches are thinking that he could grown into an inside linebacker or depending on how his speed develops an outside linebacker or an in the box safety. Now I believe after reviewing Ashton's film that he too does have this ability to convert to another position, but I feel that what I have seen at the running back position is quite impressive. When I popped the film in of Ashton what stood out to me the most was his very impressive foot work. I mean Ashton has the ability to make two cuts back to back and barely slow down. Ashton's ability to change directions or give quick movements in the hole and get back to top speed is very impressive. Ashton is also a very patient and smooth runner. He reminds me a lot of Isaiah Crowell with his ability to read his blockers and hug them up until he sees an opening and breaking it. Also the fact that Ashton is a stocky 6'2 205lbs he has the ability to wear on a defense for four quarters. I know that with the right offensive system Ashton Shumpert could be very successful on the collegiate level. I see Ashton fitting in a I-formation offense or even single back that has pro style running plays. I think if you check out his video others may come to the same conclusion as I have. Ashton Shumpert is more than an just an Athlete.

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