Saturday, June 2, 2012

The State of the SEC

To all of my readers I apologize for the dormancy of my blog.  I have gone through a lot of personal transitions and I am currently re-located to OKL.  I am still committed to updating readers out there on the newest and best recruits in the Southeast Region.  I will also begin to update my local readers on some of OKL best talent.

One subject that I wanted to touch on was the State of the SEC.  This off-season has probably been the most entertaining one in quite some time.  The SEC has introduced two new members, Texas A&M and Missouri.  This off-season the SEC has also announced that it will be teaming up with the Big XII to create a New Years Day Bowl game between the two conferences.  That means the best team from each conference will play in these New Years Day bowl game.  If one of those teams will be participating in the National Championship game then the next best team will play.  The SEC and Big XII are basically creating a Southern version of the Rose Bowl.  Now some of you may be wondering what these changes have to do with recruiting?  Well the expansion of the SEC has created a couple of different recruiting changes.  The first one is that the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri as recruiting pipe lines will increase the flow of top tier athletes into SEC programs.  Texas is often considered the 2nd best state behind Florida in producing top talent.  The state of Missouri produced arguably the best player in the nation last year, Dorial Green-Beckham.  Green-Beckham will be attending Missouri this fall.  The addition of these two programs will increase the amount of money within the SEC as well.  The SEC as a whole divides bowl winnings with the entire conference.  Since both Texas A&M and Missouri were bowl winners last year they have the potential to contribute earnings to the SEC seemingly in the future.  More bowl wins means more money for facilities, coaches, and recruiting tools.  All of these factors will further the SEC's dominance.

The creating of an additional bowl game that the SEC and Big XII will seemingly sponsor on their own means additional revenue split between the two conferences.  I am willing to bet that the additional revenue will be substantially higher than when an SEC team goes to a bowl game sponsored by any of the numerous current sponsors.  Besides the money the ability to promise recruits an additional bowl game opportunity, something few conferences can do is a recruiting tool all in its own.  Needless to say the SEC's brand is high right now.  No other conference can lay claim to the number of national championships or NFL producing talent that the SEC has provided in the last 5 years.

This past year has been very good to the SEC.  Alabama won an SEC vs. SEC National Championship match up.  The SEC as a whole won 5 out of 7 bowl games not including the National Championship game.  The SEC dominated the recruiting rankings.  I think needless to say the State of the SEC is definitely on the rise........

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