Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Position Picking

This weekend I was speaking with a female friend of mine and I was laughing at the fact that her younger cousin was receiving scholarship offers for a position he did not currently play in football. She kept thinking that school must have gotten his name mixed up or something because in her mind there was no way he could play a different side of the ball.

The funny thing is coaches always try and project players based on all sorts of things from size, playing ability, to even potential growth changes. A perfect example is an outside linebacker by the name of Josh Harvey-Clemons out of Valdosta, Georgia. The 6'5 210 lbs. outside linebacker is a freak of nature physically. Harvey-Clemons is currently being recruited as a wide receiver by Alabama as well as a few other SEC schools. Although he shows very capable skills at the wideout position I think the true potential comes as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Harvey-Clemons frame is one that would allow him to bulk up 25-35 lbs. on the college level. Besides Harvey-Clemons potential, on film he shows great body positioning to leverage smaller players and the range he brings to the linebacker position is amazing. Harvey-Clemons has the raw talent and ability to play early especially on special teams, but given a year to improve physically I look for Harvey-Clemons to become a dominant force in whatever program he wishes to attend.

I urge anyone to watch Harvey-Clemons film and not see the potential oozing out of this star in the making.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Minute Visits

Well sports fans it is that time of season..... Yes, this is the time that the recruiting trail gets very hot. Players begin to narrow their decisions because of recruiting visits, team records, and even family pressure. So often the way teams end the season have a direct impact especially if recruits are able to witness first hand winning football.

This past weekend Jordan Jenkins a prized recruit out of Harris Count, Georgia may have become a little more intrigued by a particular program. The 6'3 245 lbs outside linebacker took an official visit to UGA for the drubbing they put on Auburn. Jenkins came away very impressed with his visit and apparently may have another legitimate school to pick from besides Alabama and Florida.

What I come way most impressed with when I watch film of Jordan Jenkins is his raw and natural talent. I mean he has a nose for the ball and plays extremely hard. Jordan plays a very aggressive style of ball that any defensive coach would love to have. Jordan does a very good job of maintaining low leverage in order to defeat blockers and has a very quick first step. I think that if a college coach continues to work on his hand work and technique that this young man can quickly make an impact on a college program. I think if Jordan will mature into a outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense and will get a lot of opportunities to get to the quarterback.

Check out Jordan's film and comment on what you think.