Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Position Change That Works

The dreaded thought of a position change so often is a players worse fear. They immediately say what have I done wrong and why is coach punishing me. They forget that this is a team game and a lot of times a position change can benefit both the team and the player. Stephen Gilmore the current starting cornerback for South Carolina was asked to play quarterback his senior year out of necessity. So it is clear that positions change in college and playing something in high school doesn't guarantee that in college.

Yesterday I profile Avery Walls, and he has an outstandingly gifted teammate in Jordan Akins. A former wide receiver that was moved out necessity has thrived and actually gotten more attention when it comes to recruiting since the move. An unranked talent who makes plays left and right it is a surprise that it took a position change to put him on the map. The 6'3 185 lbs. athlete just understands how to make plays especially in the open field. As an option quarterback he has shown his physical nature as well as his speed and ability to get to the edge of a defense. Jordan also has a knack for making defenders miss.

When given the opportunity to play receiver he looks like a basketball player. Watching his video you see about 4 jump balls that look the same because of how skilled and how much ease at which Jordan goes up over smaller defenders to hi-point the ball.

After evaluating Jordan's talent it is only going to be minimal time before he gets all the attention he truly deserves. He definitely deserves to be playing with the big boys in the SEC or ACC. Check out his video and see what you think.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Division I Talent.....?

As a kid coming up within the high school ranks there comes a point where a player has to be honest with himself. Am I a division I player? Can I play with the big boys of the SEC, ACC, and Big XII? Nothing legitimizes this decision more than an offer from one of these top tier conferences. To get that first offer regardless of whom it is or when it comes it is always an exciting thing.

A player who was originally doubting what level he belonged at was Avery Walls. The 5'11 180 lbs. safety out of Union Grove high school in McDonugh, GA. no longer doubts where he belongs. After receiving an offer from the University of Oklahoma it is clear what level Avery will be playing on.

A reminder that this ultra athletic safety is part of the 2011 class, and after watching his film I see why. Avery has great range and does an excellent job of coming up in run support. And when he fills he does so with authority often causing fumbles. But the best part of his game is the way he plays in pass coverage in the middle of the field. Coaches are already raving about how smart and instinctive he is. Avery always seems to be around the ball. He does a great job of hi-pointing the ball and when in doubt he knocks it down. He also plays extremely hard and this is shown more on special teams where he hustles to make blocks down field. Avery is definitely the kind of player that is Division I talent and coaches will be banging down his door for the next year.

Check out his video and let me know what you think.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Growing Out of Position

Football is a sport that often relies on set criteria. When it comes to placing a kid in a certain position a lot is determined by that kids physical make up. Offensive and Defensive lineman are usually the biggest. Wide receivers and defensive backs are the fastest and running backs and linebackers are the toughest (had to say it since I am a former linebacker). The idea is that most offensive positions have an equal on the defensive side of the ball. Well often times a player can grow out of one one position and into the other.

That is the case with one of the most talented and physically gifted players in Georgia. Clarence Jackson has, in some circles, been considered the best running back in Georgia. Jackson does it all for his North Clayton high school team and is known as their work horse. It is clear once you see Jackson why he is considered a workhorse. A year ago Jackson was listed at 6'2 215lbs. Well after a year of working out and gaining experience Jackson has added to frame about ten pounds and an additional inch to his frame. Now the question is has Jackson grown out of his position.

Luckily he has the talent to make a seamless transition to the defensive side of the ball. The same skills he possess on the offensive side of the ball suit him defensively. He has the speed to play side line to side line, the strength to take on blockers, and the coverage skills to make plays in the open field. All this being said there will be a strong argument from offensive coaches that he become the workhorse that any offense would love to have. A running back that punishes the defense. Regardless Clarence Jackson is an excellent find and will make some coach whether its offense or defense really happy.

Let me know what you think he should play......

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Success Will Bring Notoriety

As the high school season presses on its clear that most players stock will only slightly move up or down. But when it comes to a few this seasons, on field results will warrant a few extra looks and more scholarship talk. Down in Marietta, Ga. it is clear that one player will eventually raise his stock significantly, because of his amazing play.

Hutson Mason, the quarterback of an undefeated Lassiter High School is putting on a superb performance of late. Well actually not just of late. Last year as a junior Mason passed for almost 4,000 yards. And 4 games into the season Mason is continuing his tear compiling a 73 % completion percentage, 1,235 yards passing, and 12 touchdowns.

Now some might think it is his measurables that have hurt him, but the 6'3 185lbs. quarterback is physically gifted and can make almost all the throws on a football field. He throws a beautiful deep ball and has good accuracy with throws to both hashes. Mason also shows great ability to move in the pocket and make scrambles in order to move the chains. He also commands the offense with a lot of confidence almost like an on the field coach. The only down side possibly is his Texas Tech like offense that is known to put up big numbers, but I cannot see this kid continue to fly under the recruiting radar. He will eventually get some offers from the big schools and in the end I see him playing in the ACC or possibly a spread type offense.

Check out his video and let me know what you think.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Updates For Before the Weekend

I just want to remind readers that I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions as far as players an post topics. Make sure you either email or comment so I can address these comments/questions.

On another note there will be some competitive games on this weekend and as a big ACC fan I will be tuned into the Virginia Tech vs. Miami game. In this match up I am looking to see if the Hokies defense can get any type of pressure on Jacory Harris or is the Whipple offense going to be too much. Some intriguing match ups within the game will come from how VT's safeties will match up with Miami's 3rd wide receiver as well as their physically gifted TE's. I am also interested in seeing how effective VT's somewhat one dimensional offense will be against a young but talented and speedy Miami defense. VT's QB Taylor will be a key in moving around in the pocket and making some plays with his legs as well as his arm.

Tomorrow I will make sure to update you on some of the top high school talent that is playing this evening as well as some results for college games that will be taking place.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camps Don't Tell it All

Often kids will be more highly recruited after the summer camp circuits, where guys run around in t-shirts and shorts and show their god given talent in a controlled environment. So often these camps are prepared for and the drills are rehearsed in order to do well at them. Now don't get me wrong sometimes it is important to check out a players ability and see some of the measurables'. But to me the real truth comes out on the field.

A defensive end by the name of Corey Lemonier saw his stock slightly drop after not running a coveted 40 time. The funny thing is if you look at Corey's measurables' he looks like potentially elite prospect. He stands at 6'4 221lbs. His frame has room to add bulk and does not have any fat on him. The biggest thing that jumps out to you on film and in person is the length of his arms. The literally drop down to his knees.

When I turn on the film I see a weak side defensive end who can rush the passer and is would be great against the spread offense. He has great lateral movement that allows him to hold the edge when playing against the run. It is extremely hard for offensive linemen to reach him because of how he places his hands on tackles. Now once he reaches college and red-shirts I think quality coaching will take him over the top. Corey already has excellent body lean in his stance, but sometimes becomes too upright in run defense. And he could be more aggressive in some of his movements especially against the run and tackling ball carriers. Despite that the film is what he should be evaluated on because Camps really Do Not Tell it ALL.

Check out Corey's Film:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the Shadow of a Super Star

So often you hear of recruiters going to high school games to check out one player and they end up finding another. That can be said of Da'Rick Rogers arguably the best prospect in Georgia and the number 1 receiver in Georgia. This Calhoun high school athlete is no stranger to recruiters. But this story isn't about Da'Rick Rogers, its about his wiley quarterback who helps Rogers get all that attention.

Nash Nance ( I know it sounds like a good Qb in the making) is a 6'4 205lbs. QB that is tasked with the job of getting Rogers the ball. In doing so Nance has racked up quite a bit of attention for himself. As the leader and facilitator in this spread offense Nance has impressed not only his coaches but colleges across the country. The verbal Vanderbilt commit shows great size and accuracy. The thing that caught my eye the most was his ability to move around and make plays on his feet. He has great shiftiness and always seems to make people miss. All call him a gamer because he might not show it at a combine but he has the ability to make plays. I think from his video it should be clear that this kid not only has a name for the position, but the ability to win games when called upon.....

Check Nash Nance out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Hidden Workhorse....

Now its not so often that you hear stories of players who lack the ideal height, weight, and speed, but yet give a 110% every play. Those are the kids who actually play the game and every snap like its their last. These are the ones that earn scholarships as walk-ons or individuals who exceed expectations and always are counted on to play their role.

Well Joseph Champaign is a kid in that same mold. A 6'0 278 defensive end out of Grayson High School in Loganville, GA. Joseph is fun to watch because of his intensity and never ending motor. He gets after anything and everything on the field. He does the dirty work and always does it full speed. His motor never quits and often allows him to make plays when most players might give up.

When it comes to his stock and raw ability Champaign does some nice things including excellent hand placement and good technique coming off the edge. He is very physical with lineman, and has good leverage that allows him to bull rush on a consistent basis. The things he can improve on is his aggressiveness when it runs him out of plays. Also, his bull rush sometimes gets him into bigger lineman that can man handle him more so.

Despite his lack of ideal height I see Champaign as a player that competes and contributes at a division I school. Check out this video and see why I am so high on this workhorse.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pound for Pound one of the Best in Georgia

So often when people think of what is needed to play the game of football at a high level it comes down to physical characteristics such as size, speed, and strength. Well in the state of Georgia players like Alec Olgetree (6'3 215lbs.) and Garrison Smith (6'2 250ls.) are the ones who come to mind because of their physical stature. Well I am going to introduce a small yet highly productive player out of a state powerhouse.

Ean Pemberton, standing 5'5 152 lbs. is considered by some to be the pound for pound best running back in Georgia. This past weekend he ran for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns. Now the interesting thing is that Ean plays for Grayson high school which is a 5-A school in Georgia. The highest division within the state is known for its highly competitive teams and tough defenses. And on a team that has three division one players (not including Pemberton), Ean is the one that receives the most attention on the field.

Ean runs on the corners, in between the tackles, and everywhere else on the field. He uses his height (or lack there of) to hide behind blockers and make cuts through holes. He surprisingly runs up the middle a lot not really making a lot of moves, but hitting the holes quickly. Blessed with good vision and an ability to return kicks I see Pemberton getting a chance to play for some division I team. I think that the fact that players like Darren Sproles have made it more common for vertically challenged individuals to make the jump and be successful.

Check out Pemberton's video and decide for yourself.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Storied Program

To continue the topic of the week I will take a look at a storied program that has helped hundreds of young men make the jump from high school to college. The famous South West Dekalb high school in Decatur, Georgia is home to many fine athletes most notably Quincy Carter.

This school has been a recruiting hub for almost two decades and this year is no different. The recruiting is headlined by two University of Georgia commits; T.J. Stripling and Ken Malcome. But in my opinion the under rated Auburn commit in Jonathan Mincy could end up being a real quality find. The kid has nice size at cornerback listed at 5'10 185lbs. Mincy's cover skills coupled with his punt return skills make for a versatile threat. Mincy possess great balls skills and has a knack for catching the ball at its highest point. He also utilizes his great technique to put a body on bigger receivers and box them out when making plays on the ball. The areas for improvement are bump and run technique as well as becoming a more aggressive run stopping corner.

Needless to say Auburn is getting a true play maker at the corner position. I also see Auburn as smart decision for Mincy seeing that they have always produced top flight corners. And the program in which Mincy is coming from has always been considered one of the best in the talent laden state of Georgia.

Check Mincy and the rest of the SWD players out:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

South Carolina's Tradition

To continue with this weeks topic of dominant high school programs I will head a little north to South Carolina. This state has always done well to produce elite players on a consistent basis. One of the schools that does this well is Byrnes high school in Duncan, South Carolina. Byrnes won 4 consecutive state titles from 2002-2005, a very impressive feat in any state.

In order to win on such a consistent basis it takes not only a great program, but great players. This year is an especially great year having 7 three star or higher players on the roster including the sensational running back Marcus Lattimore (a 5 star recruit). I am sure some Clemson fans remember Willy Korn and how highly recruited he was coming out of high school.

Byrnes has so much success that issues arise come All-Star selection when they clearly have the most talented roster despite having restrictions on how many players from each team can be represented in an All Star game (topic discussed on:

This post is more about the successful platform that a talented and well coached program allows young men to make from high school to college. Byrnes, for their first game, hosted a GA school and dominated. All of the 8 players being heavily recruited will make the successful jump.

Check it out....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Programs that Produce Talent

I apologize to all the fans that did not receive my daily installments over Labor Day weekend, but once again I am back on the job. This week I will be checking out a few programs that always seem to produce top flight talent. Within the state of Florida you have likes of Miami Northwestern, Glades Central, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and so many others. Within the state of Georgia you have Parkview, Westlake, South West Dekalb and again so many more. And throughout the Southeast the region is dripping with not only talent back schools that are more like factories when it comes to producing talent.

Today I will look at Plant High school in Tampa, FL that has recently sent to highly recruited players in Orson Charles and Aaron Murray to the University of Georgia. Well another stud is making a name for himself and clearly will be very highly touted come 2011. James Wilder Jr. whose father played in the NFL for the Bucs, is already getting a lot of attention. The outside linebacker stands at 6'2 220lbs and is a playmaker off the edge. In high school he has put his hand in the dirt, but it is thought that the realistic jump would be to linebacker where he can use his speed and strength to wreak havoc on opposing offenses. Wilder already has offers from Florida, USC, Miami, and North Carolina to name a few. But judging from his pedigree and his film all the attention is warranted.

Check out this video to see how much talent this kid has as only a sophomore. The film quality isn't great, but the talent is unmistakable......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where Do you Start on Offense

Lat week I took a look at what makes a defense good, and the positions that I would begin to build around. This week I will take a look at the offense and where to begin to build. The only trick is I will first focus on the spread option since it has become so popular throughout college football as well as high school.

Since there are so many more spread teams in high school it was actually easier to find more talent for dual-threat quarterbacks than pro-style quarterbacks. After watching film on many different players I found a gem out of Miami Central High School, Jeffrey Godfrey. The first thing most people see when they look at Jeffrey is his small stature at 5'11 167lbs. Coaches may see him as more of a defensive back rather than a quarterback. But once I put on the film he reminded me of a right handed Pat White somewhat. The kid has an extremely strong arm when it comes to putting zip on his passes and its effortless because he just flicks his wrist. He is also extremely dangerous when he gets out of the pocket. And is able to throw well on the run.

The biggest thing that stood out to me was his ability to manage and run his team. Jeffrey directs, motions, and barks out orders to get things right on a consistent basis. He makes sure players know what they need to do and never seems to force throws. He seems content to check the ball down or throw it away. Jeffrey's high football IQ is probably his best asset. What he needs to improve on is his strengthen, ability to stand in the pocket, and become a little more accurate.

Despite any short comings Jeffrey has the potential to become dynamic threat, and if QB in the spread doesn't work out receiver or defensive back are viable options. Check out his video below and see what you think......