Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Green Effect

Most people may think that when players graduate and go off to the NFL that their involvement with the recruiting process is over. Well that is far from it, often players who becomes stars in the league have a lasting impact. In the case of the University of Georgia players like A.J. Green are not only brought in to speak with incoming players, but their accomplishments and memorable moments are plastered throughout the football complex.

In the case of Georgia I have seen an increase in the amount of top tier wide receiver that have not only attended UGA, but also visit. Josh Abrams may soon be one of those future bulldogs that is a result of the Green effect. Standing at a stout 6'2 205 lbs., Josh is a physically impressive kid who has not been heavily recruited thus far. Despite this you can see from Josh's film that he is a very athletic 205 lbs. with extremely impressive body control. Josh uses this body control to shield defenders making it even more difficult to defend him. Josh also is very skilled in the return game, and uses his lateral quickness and bigger body to ward off defenders.

Although Josh Abrams is not being as heavily recruited as some other players it is clear that he can be an impactful player on the next level. Josh is the type of player that you have to evaluate on the field and not in drills. In the end I know Josh will begin to roll in with bigger offers.

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