Friday, August 19, 2011

Beast Mode

Growing up around football I learned at an early age that the eye in the sky never lies. Well recently a friend of mine sent me a tape of a kid out of Florida that embodies the phrase "beast mode" on the high school level. And the eye in the sky definitely did not lie about this talent.

As soon as I turned on the tape of Derrick Henry I knew the kid had talent. After a little more research I found that Derrick is considered the top recruit in the state of Florida for the class of 2013. The 6'3 230 lbs., running back combines a skill set rarely seen out of an individual of his size. Henry really reminds me a lot of Michael Bush coming out of high school just a little more trim. Henry possess very good speed and an elusiveness that allows him to continuously break tackles and make defenders miss. That coupled with the ability to run over defenders in the open field is what leads me to describe Derrick Henry as Beast Mode on the high school level. One of the big things that I noticed watching Henry was his knack for cutting left. Henry uses his ability to cut going left to his advantage since most offensive plays tend to run towards the right side. Another thing is that observers may think that Henry is not running that fast, but when you see him continuously out run defender after defender regardless of position you realize he is very fast.

Although Henry still has another 2 years he has already committed to the University of Georgia. This commitment came during a Dawgs Camp at the University of Georgia. The commitment was something of a surprise since Henry had listed the hometown Florida Gators has his leading school. In the end I think UGA's lack of depth at the running back position as well as the pro style offense favors Derrick Henry's running style tremendously. Once Derrick has the chance to really get in a college weight room program and work on lowering his pad level to not run so upright the sky is the limit for this kid.

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