Sunday, August 21, 2011

Versatility in the Secondary

The game of football has evolved in so many different ways over the years. One of the biggest evolutions on the defensive side of the ball has come from the safety position. Whether it be a free or strong safety versatility and field savvy is key. Many of todays elite safeties have been compared to Swiss Army knifes because of all the responsibilities they are given on the field.

One player with a ton of potential and skill at the safety position in the 2012 class is Eddie Williams. The rangy 6'4 195 lbs., safety out of Panama City, Florida impresses me more than I originally thought. What quickly stands out from the film is Eddie's very aggressive and hard hitting mentality. For a skinnier guy you would think he would be a deep safety who is a ball hawk, but Eddie can really lay the hat. Eddie just has a knack for making big hits, but does a great job of deciding on wether to go for the interception or make that big hit.

Eddie reminds me a lot of a former UGA safety in Greg Blue. An un-traditionally tall safety that can really hit. Most coaches have slotted Eddie as an athlete rather than a safety. I think a lot of coaches shy away from taller safeties because the taller guys usually cannot turn their hips quite as well, a key in the secondary. The difference with Williams is he has a natural body lean, and has really good footwork that allows him to drop his hips quickly and with ease. Williams also possess great leaping ability that makes him very difficult to complete deep passes against.

The other great thing about Eddie Williams is his ability to play the wide receiver position. Although I think he has the talent and versatility to be an extremely talented safety he could always go to the other side of the ball and make catches.....

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