Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Prime Time Effect

As most football fans know Deion Sanders, often considered the greatest cornerback of all time, was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Deion was not only one of the biggest personalities off the field, but the physical skills that he possessed on the field are rarely rivaled. Deion can often be described as simply Fast, but his ball skills and ability to bait quarterbacks into throwing his way were a marvel to watch. I still remember thinking, "Man this guy is really fast.'

Not that a high-schooler could in anyway compare to Deion Sanders, but one of the best corners in the 2012 class is a young man by the name of Geno Smith. Geno Smith who is 5'11 178 lbs., is an extremely talented cover corner. Smith's ability to play off as well as he does in press coverage is very impressive considering his young age. So often kids will play more zone principals in high school considering the difficulties of man coverage. Smith also baits quarterbacks into a lot of throws by playing off and using his superior speed to make plays on the ball once it is in the air. One of the things that separates Geno from his peers are his ball skills. If Geno is around the ball it is most likely going to be his. Geno not only consistently makes tough catches, but with the ball in his hands he can return it all the way. Geno continues to separate himself from a lot of cornerbacks with his willingness to come up and make solid tackles. Smith is not your average corner looking to trip up ball carriers from behind.

With the extreme talent and skill set that Geno Smith possess, it is no wonder that he has challenged himself by attending a very defensively talented Alabama program. Alabama will do a great job of not only challenging Geno to improve, but also the chance of learning from such a great defensive mind like Nick Saban will allow Geno to one day have the opportunity to play on Sundays.

Check out Geno Smith's video and remember to comment.

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